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Durbin's Point, Seniira (On the Border)

Durbin's Point, Seniira (On the Border) – March 986
From the Journal of Grant Griffon.

Our journey from Kaserin to Durbin's Point was uneventful. The weather delayed us in small villages along the way and it took us almost two months to reach the small port town. We reached Durbin's Point and found an inn near the coast. The innkeeper was happy to see us, or at least our gold, until Eric made a comment about 'The Gray Maiden'. Diego and I both saw the innkeeper glance to a few others around the inn before he gruffly stated "never heard of it." It was a lie but we were not going to call him on it in front of the others in the inn. We retired to our rooms for the night after a hot meal and a few mugs of ale, figuring we could always talk to the innkeeper later.

The next morning we decided to look around Durbin's Point to see if we could find any information about the survivors of 'The Gray Maiden'. We went out into the muddy street to find the street empty. Eric quietly said "I got a bad feeling about this…"

Game mechanics – No encounters were rolled for January and February. I rolled for an encounter in March 986. It resulted in being located in a village. Since Grant and his fellow adventurers are still in their own country of Seniira, they would be the defenders in a raid. The dice indicated the raiders were also from Seniira. It must be those shady characters from the inn last night! I decided the object of the raid would be the charts from 'The Gray Maiden' that Diego was carrying. Diego would have to be either OOF or OD and the raiders spend a turn in contact with him to search his body and collect the charts. I set up a portion of Durbin's Point with 6 buildings. They were an inn with a stable next to it, two small houses and a larger house with its own out building. The three PEF were located and they ended up being located in and around the other houses. PEF Reputation would be `3' until their true Reps were determined.

"Quest for the Idol of Hama-Ta" Characters

Grant Griffon – (Star) Rep 4 AC 4 Hardiness 1 Social Standing 1 Elite Trained `Merchant' Warrior - Sword and Pistol (CV3)
Diego – Marine (Dual Class) Rep 4 AC 4 Sword & Arquebus (CV1)
Eric – Auxiliary (Melee Class) Rep 4 AC 4 Sword (Thief) (CV1)
Devlin – Auxiliary (Melee Class) Rep 4 AC 4 Sword & Shield (Healer) (CV1)

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