Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Another Year

Another year down without being able to game much.   Did some reading online though at The Miniatures Page and Lead Adventures Forum.  Picked up Pulp Alley after seeing a lot of reviews.   I've been working on a lot of different terrain and miniatures. Hopefully in 2016 I will be able to get some more games in.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Here is the map for the 1st dungeon.  Created using the generator found here http://zak965.it/2HW/DungeonCrawl/DungeonGenerator.html.  Great tool to randomly generate the dungeon for you.   A PDF of the map with descriptions is also generated.    The PDF has a key to each room/corridor.  The numbering system on the map does not correspond to what is on the PDF.  However it gives you the description of the entry point (E) and then the number key on the PDF tells you what room/corridor is next.  Once I figured it out it is pretty neat as it reminds me of the old "create your own adventure" books where if you did "Action A" go to page XXX or if you did "Action B" you go to page YYY.

The Ruined Watchtower - A Two Hour Dungeon Crawl Adventure Pt 1

"Lucien" Flavius Fireweaver said,"it's getting dark and this cold rain is getting to me.  We need to find someplace to take shelter for the night."
"I heartily agree" chimed in Leod as the dwarf shook water from his beard. "The rain will make my armor smell."
"Even more than it does now?" piped in Kassie from inside her rain darkened cloak.
"Careful there lassie.  Remember who patched you up when you got that last wee scratch."
"Sire, I know there is a ruined watchtower just a ways up the road on that rocky outcropping there." said Kalten, the large man in chainmail. "At one time it commanded quite a view over the valley."
"Then lead us there, my faithful squire." Replied Sir Lucien. "We will need to rest so we can continue our journey to the Brethren Chapter House near the Altengard border. If the weather holds we should be there the day after tomorrow."

The party soon reached the ruined watchtower and entered through the broken door.  Scattered about on the floor were bits of gnawed bone, rusty pieces of armor and a few broken weapons.  Water ran down the inner walls where the tower's roof was missing.

"Hey Kalten, what a wonderful place you picked. No nice road side inn for us.  Next time I get to pick the arrangements." quipped Kassie as she poked through the debris in the tower. In a quieter voice she continued "Hey guys, I don't think we're alone.  There's stairs leading down back here and I see faint light coming from there. And a stench greater than Leod's coming from down there."

"Let's go check it out" said Lucien. "Kassie your with me up front, just in case there are any traps.  Kalten and Flavius behind us. Flavius give us some light.  Leod, you have rear guard.  Steady now." 

Slowly and quietly the party descends the stairs....