Friday, March 4, 2016

Frostgrave Wizard

A while back I purchased a bunch of Heroclix miniatures from Miniature Market.  The idea was to find some inexpensive plastic miniatures for conversion.   I also recently purchased the Frostgrave game.   I needed to find some Wizard miniatures for the game.    One of the miniatures I had purchased was Clea.    Nice starting point.  However Frostgrave is supposed to be about a city that has been frozen for a thousand years.   Clea isn't dressed appropriately for the Frozen City.   Time to try my hand at a conversion.

I removed the miniature from the clix base.   Clea is on a nice looking cobblestone base.  I glued her to a 1" fender washer and built up the base to match the cobblestone base.

I also wanted to try to add a cloak and some sort of skirt/robes to make her look more 'wizardly' and less 'superhero in tights'.   A while back I bought a tube of green stuff to use on filling in around gaps and joints.  So I squirted a glob out and found it was a bit soft and made it hard to mold.   Once it started to set up it was easier to mold.   Here is Clea with a cloak and skirt added.

The green stuff split slightly on the cloak.  I was a bit ticked, but then left it as it has a slightly torn look.  Clea is an up and coming wizard.  Her journey into Frostgrave has left her a bit road weary.   Sorry for the poor photos.  Working with the camera phone.

Frostgrave has different types of wizards.   Clea is an elementalist, one who wields the power of fire, water, air, and earth.     I also decided to keep the colors of Clea close to her original paint scheme.

So here is Clea as she heads into the city of Frostgrave.

 So is Clea a Wizard or an Apprentice?  Not sure yet as I continue to look at my Heroclix miniatures.   Perhaps Dr. Strange will also visit Frostgrave!