Friday, December 23, 2011

5150 - New Beginnings

So it has been a while since I've had a chance to do any gaming. With the Holiday Season here I'm hoping to get some games in. I recently purchased 5150 - New Beginnings from Two Hour Wargames. After reading through a few times I created my first Star, Jax Alexander - Bounty Hunter.

Jax is Rep 5; Fitness -4, People-3, Savvy-5, and Science-0

Jax follows the Mercenary QRS and has Profit as his motivation (he IS a Bounty Hunter after all).

He has Charismatic and Resilient as his two attributes.

He is armed with a BA Pistol and a knife. He wears an armored jacket and carries a Combat Comlink.

He has three grunts that he has recruited to start the game. A Rep 5 Guide (helps find the leads in the darkest of New Hope City), a Rep 5 Gunslinger (muscle for those tough encounters) and a Rep 4 Pilot (for when we need to get off-planet).

Hope to post some over the Christmas weekend.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Six Gun Sound : Blaze of Glory

Found a recent post on the Two Hour Wargames Yahoo group with a link to a write up on the that I had posted shortly after I purchased Six Gun Sound. Here is the link to that write up.\

Re-reading that write up along with recently returning from vacation out west in Wyoming and Colorado got me interested in gaming this genre again. I looked through and could not find in my files any more on this character. Glad it was pointed out to me a few years later... look for more soon.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Star Wars - Undercover Stormtrooper?

After having suffered through having half of my squad being wiped out on a patrol the battalion commander decided to reassign the rest of the squad. As a junior NCO I was assigned to special services. Apparently some upper-echelon intel-type decided that training stormtroopers for undercover assignments might be a good idea. So after turning in my weapons and armor it was off to some remote training facility on a restricted planet in the core worlds.

The final leg of the trip was on an old freighter where I was assigned some old Mandalorian armor that a bounty hunter would wear and a new blaster carbine with no markings. Interesting. Odd... but interesting.

Our pilot indicated that we were going to land on Kurgal and that I should escort the cargo as a security guard. My destination was the same place as the cargo, a restricted facility outside of Sen City.

Next up... Training Week One!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Star Wars - Stormtrooper Patrol

Its been way too long since I've had a chance to play. I decided on a mix of 5150 and CR3.0 from Two Hour Wargames. I threw some terrain on the table and pulled out some Star Wars Miniatures, choosing to run a squad of stormtroopers.

I used the Star Army for the Stormtroopers and the PDF for the rebels. The Stormtrooper squad consisted of 9 troopers led by an NCO and Jr NCO (mini-me). The squad, split into two fire teams, was spread out in a skirmish line as they entered the board. The Inferno Grenade Launcher was with the senior NCOs team and the Rapid Fire Laser Rifle was with my team.

Three PEFs were placed on the board. One in the ruins to the squads left front, one in the ridge to the squads immediate front and one far behind the ridge. The PEF on the ridge was the first one that the squad resolved. It turned out to be a dug in squad of rebels (roll indicated a force of equal size to the squad). Unfortunately activation dice came up with the rebels activating first. Heck of an ambush point!

The rebels opened up and took out the Senior NCO and two others. The fire caused the Inferno GL trooper to duck back behind some rocks and another trooper on the other side of the road to duck back. One trooper rolled double ones on his reaction test and fired back, missing and was promptly gunned down by the rebels in the fire fight. My one trooper hiding behind the rocks decided he had enough and slipped back off the board (failed his leader lost test).

Meanwhile my fire team was protected by the trees (no line of sight) but seeing half of the other fire team gunned down I gave the order to double time it up the ridge and try to flank the rebels.

The Inferno Grenade Launcher trooper fired on the rebel position and took out 4 rebels including their leader. However they still passed their leader lost test and remained in their positions. Return fire took out the Inferno GL trooper (dice were not on my side yet).

Activation dice came up with the Rebels activating first. Since they didn't have line of sight to my fire team I decided I would roll on the PEF activation table to see how they reacted. They new my team was out there somewhere but had lost sight of me. They moved 16" toward the nearest PEF which was below the ridge but out my line of sight due to some low bluffs. However this movement towards the nearest PEF moved them into my line of sight. Time for some payback!

The fire team moved up to the edge of the tree
line and opened fire. The firefight ensued resulting in 4 downed rebels , one ducking back behind the bluffs, one retiring behind the bluffs (and hunkering down) and one returning fire and missing. The resulting return fire from my fire team took him down. I shifted the fire team to my left along the ridge to see if the rebels were still in sight. This also brought the second PEF into sight and it was resolved as nothing. However the one rebel was still there and snap fired on the squad and actually hit one of my men. He was taken out the the ensuing fire by the four remaining members of my team. Fortunately the trooper was able to recover on the knockdown test and was back into the fight. Just a glancing blow on the helmet. We moved down the hill and took the one rebel into custody.

This left the one PEF located in the ruins. This PEF had a REP 1 so it didn't activate all game. Leaving the one trooper with the rebel prisoner the rest of the fire team fast moved to cover along the road where we had line of sight to the ruins.

Resolving the PEF resulted in stragglers. I rolled and they had 1/2 of my force (assumed it was 1/2 of my remaining force). Two rebels hiding in the ruins but were probably the spotters that allowed the rebels to wipe out half of the squad in the initial ambush.

I sent the Rapid Fire Laser Rifle to the right with another trooper while two of us went left. The RF Laser Rifle caused one rebel to duck back and the other trooper took out a rebel. Meanwhile we swung around the ruins out of the rebels line of sight. We stormed the ruins from two directions and took out the remaining rebel.

We took the field but with significant casualties to the squad. Twelve rebels killed or taken out of the fight and one captured. The senior stormtrooper NCO = OD, Inferno GL trooper = OD, and 3 other stormtroopers out of the fight and being taken to the hospital ships in orbit.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Where Does the Time Go?

Ok, so it is now March and the last post I did was back in November? Wow...

I've bounced back and forth on what games to play. Thinking of a simple Chain Reaction 3.0 patrol using Star Wars miniatures. Hope to post photos and a battle report soon.