Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Star Wars - Undercover Stormtrooper?

After having suffered through having half of my squad being wiped out on a patrol the battalion commander decided to reassign the rest of the squad. As a junior NCO I was assigned to special services. Apparently some upper-echelon intel-type decided that training stormtroopers for undercover assignments might be a good idea. So after turning in my weapons and armor it was off to some remote training facility on a restricted planet in the core worlds.

The final leg of the trip was on an old freighter where I was assigned some old Mandalorian armor that a bounty hunter would wear and a new blaster carbine with no markings. Interesting. Odd... but interesting.

Our pilot indicated that we were going to land on Kurgal and that I should escort the cargo as a security guard. My destination was the same place as the cargo, a restricted facility outside of Sen City.

Next up... Training Week One!

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