Saturday, January 3, 2015

Here is the map for the 1st dungeon.  Created using the generator found here  Great tool to randomly generate the dungeon for you.   A PDF of the map with descriptions is also generated.    The PDF has a key to each room/corridor.  The numbering system on the map does not correspond to what is on the PDF.  However it gives you the description of the entry point (E) and then the number key on the PDF tells you what room/corridor is next.  Once I figured it out it is pretty neat as it reminds me of the old "create your own adventure" books where if you did "Action A" go to page XXX or if you did "Action B" you go to page YYY.

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  1. The image doesn't seem to be working but the little map generator is pretty cool, thanks for sharing! I've been burning up a lot of graph paper, so for the sake of the trees, I might have to start using this. :)