Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Avidwaregamer's House - Reboot!

Real life has gotten in the way of my gaming and blogging. The Quest for the Idol will continue. However I've recently been bitten by the FNG bug. With the pending release of updated FNG I dug out my copy of FNG as well as FNG:UW and the free FNG:Operations. I'm planning on running a mix of the three. FNG:Ops is about setting up a Fire Support Base(FSB) in an Area of Operations (AO). On the squad level I want to follow the missions of a LRRP team assigned to support the FSB.

My FSB will be located in Bihn Dihn province in the II Corp region. Great maps of Vietnam can be found at:

My specific AO will be located in the Qui Nohn region

My ficticious unit is D Co, 127th Light Infantry Brigade.

Next time meet my 6-man LRRP team!

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