Sunday, November 8, 2009

Warrior Heroes A&A – “Quest for the Idol of Hama-Ta”

Starting a new Warrior Heroes A&A solo game. I haven't seen much on Seniira posted on the The Hour Wargames Yahoo group I thought I would start there and see where it goes.

Prologue - Kaserin, Seniira – January 986

The north winds drove the sleet and snow off the Sea of Stryfe and against the windows of the Griffon Merchant House. Inside near the fireplace Grant stood at a table opposite Master Griffon looking at the map of Seniira spread between them. The old man's gnarled finger pointed to a small mark on the map near the Kimean Sea. "That is Durbin's Point. That is where it is reported that the Capalan League ship 'The Gray Maiden' went down. The Idol of Hama-Ta was rumored to have been aboard the ship". Master Griffon's eyes moved from Grant to the rugged man standing next to the fire before he continued speaking. "Diego has heard a rumor that there were a few survivors that have decided to live in Durbin's Point. He has also brought back the charts from 'The Gray Maiden' so we know where she made port before she went down".

Master Griffon coughed and then cleared his throat before continuing, "The Capalan merchants were going to return the idol to Mirish where it had been stolen fifty years ago. Whoever returns this idol will have the favor of the one who sits on the Blood Throne in Mirish". Looking Grant directly in the eye he said "I want that to be Griffon Merchant House. Find and return the Idol of Hama-Ta and we will be granted trade with Mirish instead ofthe Capalan League."

Grant looked at the old man and then toward Diego before he replied. "I will leave once the storms lift. I want Diego to go with me as I'll need his knowledge as well as his skill with an arquebus. I will also take Eric and Devlin. Eric he knows his way around the seedier parts of towns. Devlin's knowledge of healing may also be useful before we are done."

"Be careful my son" Master Griffon said "We are not the only ones looking for the idol and I don't want to explain to your mother how her youngest son died."

"I will Father. Give Mother my love." Grant turned to Diego. "We will leave with the caravan headed west in the morning. We will travel with them for a few days and then slip away at night and turn back towards Durbin's point. That should throw anybody off our trail". Diego picked up his arquebus where it leaned against the wall near the fireplace, nodded to Master Griffon and followed Grant out of the room.

More to come...

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