Sunday, August 12, 2012

Elven Warband for Song of Blades and Heroes

I haven't had much time to actually get any gaming.  However I have had time here and there to read through Song of Blades and Heroes again.  I started working on an Elven Warband.   One of the miniatures I wanted to have was a tree man.  I had an old Mage Knight Oak Mage that I had picked up a while back and decided to convert. Here is a photo I found on line of the original miniature (forgot to take a before photo).  

I popped it off the base, glued to a 1 1/2" diameter metal washer and added some additional 'branches' to his back.  The branches were small twigs that I had picked up along the way to make trees.  The texture on the back allowed the twigs to be glued into the pits and fit nicely to look like they are growing out of his back.

I also repainted the figure adding highlights.  I also added some moss to the upper branches as well as textured the base.

This is Wandelenboom (Dutch for Walking Tree).   He is a young tree man who helps the elves defend the forest from the nasties who would come in and cut down his brothers and sisters who have yet to be awaken by the elven druids.  Since he is a young tree man I figured I would give him Q4, C3, Big, Forester, Tough, Slow.  This keeps Wandelenboom down to 47 points as he is a personality due to his Tough special rule.

Here are the after conversion of our young tree man.  Photos aren't that great as I didn't have enough lighting.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Love the "Young Treeman". May I steal the stats for my Role-playing game? He looks outstanding, even in dark wood.


  2. Dale, please feel free to use stats or anything else you find on my blog. Let me know how things work out. Which role playing game are you using? (TBH or something else?)