Sunday, November 28, 2010

Safe Harbor - Outer RIm

Jack and Nee returned to the ship after their meeting at the cantina to find Bobby George lying on the gangway to the cargo hold. He had a large knot on the back of his head and blood trickling from the corner of his mouth but he is breathing and regaining consciousness. Seeing he is still alive, Jack and Nee drew their weapons and headed up the ramp into the hold. The T1 loader droid sat idle in the back of the hold. After checking out the hold and finding no intruders they worked their way towards the cockpit. Nobody was their either. Jack pointed back toward the engine room and whispered to Nee "I wonder where Kari has gotten off to?".

They search the whole ship and don't find anyone on board. Jack tells Nee to check the security log with video while he gets Bobby back to the common area that also serves as the ship's medical bay. While getting Bobby settled in Nee comes tells Jack to check out the monitor. The security video shows Bobby being hit from behind by a Wookie and Kari being taken off the ship by two heavily armed thugs.

"That's not good" says Jack. Turning to Bobby he quips "lucky you're still alive."

Nee comes back on the intercom, "We got a message too, boss. They left a datapad by the security cam. They wanted us to see this. The message says to meet outside 'The Pit' at dusk if we want to see her alive." The Pit was a local dive on the edge of the spaceport and known hangout for the darker side of humanity.

[game mechanics] - using the Larger than Life rules to set up the story it was determined that Jack and his crew would have to retrieve an object. The capture of Kari was to set up the first meeting. The meeting at The Pit was to set up the travel scene. The Big Bad is a civilized native who wants to steal an object.

Next - the outcome of the travel scene.

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