Friday, November 26, 2010

5150 - Life in the Outer Rim

I decided to try some 5150 gaming for the weekend. The Crew consists of a small group of smugglers, I mean Independent Merchants, making a living in the outer rim. I'm going to use some of the LTL (Larger Than Life) rules to string together their adventures into an ongoing story. My star, Jack Logan, is a Rep 5 owner/pilot of a small freighter. Jack carries a rapid fire laser pistol and has the Sidewalk Demon attribute.

Jack's co-pilot is a Rep 4 Duros named Nee Bannis. I gave him the Runt Attribute as this race is not known for their melee skills (per the Star Wars Saga Edition rules). This is a racial trait so I also drew a random card and came up with the Transporter attribute. Nee Bannis carries a laser pistol.

Jack has also recently hired a ship's mechanic named Bobby George. He is of unknown quality (Rep 3) and has the Wary Attribute. Bobby carries a laser pistol.

Jack also took in a young refugee named Kari-an. She is Rep 3 and has the Medic attribute and carries a laser pistol.

The final member of the crew is a T1 Bulk Loader Droid that Jack inherited with the ship. The droid is useful for loading and unloading cargo as well as some other things.

Next will be the beginning of the adventure.

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