Friday, December 26, 2014

Holiday Greetings and Gaming!

A few months back I purchased Two Hour Dungeon Crawl from Two Hour Wargames.  A unique system for solo-play "Old School" dungeon delving!  After reading through the game I had great ideas for different groups.  Unfortunately I have not had time to actually do some gaming.  Now with the holiday season here I might find some time to get some solo gaming in.
The Paladin Lucien

My first group to try:

(Star) Sir Lucian - Rep 5 Human Paladin, AC 6 armed with a sword and shield.   Attributes: Martyr and Resolute.

(Grunt) Flavius Fireweaver - Rep 5 Human Caster, AC 2 armed with a sword.  Attributes: Cast Spells and Resolute.

(Grunt) Squire Kalten - Rep 4 Human Soldier/Shooter(Rep3), AC 4, armed sword and bow.  Attributes: Duty, Marksman and Resolute (doubles rolls during generation resulted in a dual class).

(Grunt) Kassie the Quick - Rep 4 Elf Thief, AC 2, armed with 2 swords.  Attributes: Slippery and Secret Rooms/Doors.

(Grunt) Leod Goldbeard - Rep 4 Dwarf Healer (cleric), AC 4, armed with hammer (mace) and shield.  Attributes: Stout and Healing.

The first dungeon is controlled by a Rep 4 Ogre Warrior.  Reason for the party to enter the dungeon is to explore.

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