Thursday, June 24, 2010

LRRP Team "Lightning"

My LRRP team consists of:

(Star) SSG Belden - Rep 5, Attributes - Recondo (per UW = Born Leader, Pointman & Stealthy), Hard as Nails; Armed with CAR-15 and M1911 .45 pistol

SGT Gardener - Rep 5, Attribute - Brawler; Armed with M-16 and M1911 .45 pistol

Spec4 Jones - Rep 4, Attribute - RTO; Armed with M-16, carries radio

Spec4 Choi - Rep 4, Attribute - Language; Armed with M-16

Spec4 Hagey - Rep 4, Attribute - Pigman; Armed with M-60 and M1911 .45 pistol

PFC Newberry - Rep 3, Attribute - Grenadier; Armed with M-79 and M1911 .45 pistol

I have not assigned skills yet as found in UW.

Here is the area Team Lightning will be reconning in the upcoming batrep.

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