Saturday, March 19, 2016

Second Wizard for Frostgrave

I had this miniature for a while.  It was partially painted.   I needed another fire-themed wizard to go with the first one.   This is a Reaper Warlords metal miniature - Ian, Ivy Crown Mage.

I realized after I took the photos that there are some areas where the paint needs touch up and the face needs detailed.

Ruined Tower progress

Worked on my ruined tower small bits at a time.   The snow is a mix of PVA glue, white paint, baking soda and a small amount of glitter.   The glitter didn't come through much to give the effect of ice crystals.  I'll try another layer of just glitter and PVA glue to see if it reflects the light better.

I've got one ladder built and painted.  I still need to get a second ladder built and painted.  I'm also working on a rubble pile to represent the section of the ruined tower that is on the ground.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ruined Tower Terrain

I've been wanting to get a ruined tower completed for some time for use with Frostgrave, Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes, Warrior Heroes Legends or any other miniature games.   Where I work we have a lot of cardboard cores that come in with some of our raw materials as spacers.   Perfect for a tower, or at least the start of one.

I cut is apart and stacked on piece on top of the other.  I also found some 1/4" thick pink insulation board and cut a circular base that I then scribed a stone pattern on it.   On the outside I cut a few pieces of thin cardboard to simulate a stone pattern.  Glue to an old CD, prime with grey paint and I had a good start.

The fun part of a ruined tower on a table is the elevation it can provide for missile armed troops and fire-ball throwing mages.   So I added to levels of partially ruined wood floors.   The first floor started with a piece of cardboard cut to the inner diameter.   I then glued pieces of wooden stir sticks left over from a special event where I work.   Then painted with a wash of thinned down brown paint.  I then dry brushed with lighter browns to give a weathered look.

The second wood floor would be much smaller.  I glued a square balsa wood piece for the second floor base.  Then I superglued more wood stir sticks that were painted the same way.   Note the white in the back of the first floor is still wet white glue.   As this will be a tower used for Frostgrave I still need to add snow and ice to some of the flat surfaces.  I also need to put snow along the back where the glue is still wet.  I'll also make some rubble to represent the part of the tower that has crumbled.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Frostgrave Wizard

A while back I purchased a bunch of Heroclix miniatures from Miniature Market.  The idea was to find some inexpensive plastic miniatures for conversion.   I also recently purchased the Frostgrave game.   I needed to find some Wizard miniatures for the game.    One of the miniatures I had purchased was Clea.    Nice starting point.  However Frostgrave is supposed to be about a city that has been frozen for a thousand years.   Clea isn't dressed appropriately for the Frozen City.   Time to try my hand at a conversion.

I removed the miniature from the clix base.   Clea is on a nice looking cobblestone base.  I glued her to a 1" fender washer and built up the base to match the cobblestone base.

I also wanted to try to add a cloak and some sort of skirt/robes to make her look more 'wizardly' and less 'superhero in tights'.   A while back I bought a tube of green stuff to use on filling in around gaps and joints.  So I squirted a glob out and found it was a bit soft and made it hard to mold.   Once it started to set up it was easier to mold.   Here is Clea with a cloak and skirt added.

The green stuff split slightly on the cloak.  I was a bit ticked, but then left it as it has a slightly torn look.  Clea is an up and coming wizard.  Her journey into Frostgrave has left her a bit road weary.   Sorry for the poor photos.  Working with the camera phone.

Frostgrave has different types of wizards.   Clea is an elementalist, one who wields the power of fire, water, air, and earth.     I also decided to keep the colors of Clea close to her original paint scheme.

So here is Clea as she heads into the city of Frostgrave.

 So is Clea a Wizard or an Apprentice?  Not sure yet as I continue to look at my Heroclix miniatures.   Perhaps Dr. Strange will also visit Frostgrave!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Another Year

Another year down without being able to game much.   Did some reading online though at The Miniatures Page and Lead Adventures Forum.  Picked up Pulp Alley after seeing a lot of reviews.   I've been working on a lot of different terrain and miniatures. Hopefully in 2016 I will be able to get some more games in.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Here is the map for the 1st dungeon.  Created using the generator found here  Great tool to randomly generate the dungeon for you.   A PDF of the map with descriptions is also generated.    The PDF has a key to each room/corridor.  The numbering system on the map does not correspond to what is on the PDF.  However it gives you the description of the entry point (E) and then the number key on the PDF tells you what room/corridor is next.  Once I figured it out it is pretty neat as it reminds me of the old "create your own adventure" books where if you did "Action A" go to page XXX or if you did "Action B" you go to page YYY.

The Ruined Watchtower - A Two Hour Dungeon Crawl Adventure Pt 1

"Lucien" Flavius Fireweaver said,"it's getting dark and this cold rain is getting to me.  We need to find someplace to take shelter for the night."
"I heartily agree" chimed in Leod as the dwarf shook water from his beard. "The rain will make my armor smell."
"Even more than it does now?" piped in Kassie from inside her rain darkened cloak.
"Careful there lassie.  Remember who patched you up when you got that last wee scratch."
"Sire, I know there is a ruined watchtower just a ways up the road on that rocky outcropping there." said Kalten, the large man in chainmail. "At one time it commanded quite a view over the valley."
"Then lead us there, my faithful squire." Replied Sir Lucien. "We will need to rest so we can continue our journey to the Brethren Chapter House near the Altengard border. If the weather holds we should be there the day after tomorrow."

The party soon reached the ruined watchtower and entered through the broken door.  Scattered about on the floor were bits of gnawed bone, rusty pieces of armor and a few broken weapons.  Water ran down the inner walls where the tower's roof was missing.

"Hey Kalten, what a wonderful place you picked. No nice road side inn for us.  Next time I get to pick the arrangements." quipped Kassie as she poked through the debris in the tower. In a quieter voice she continued "Hey guys, I don't think we're alone.  There's stairs leading down back here and I see faint light coming from there. And a stench greater than Leod's coming from down there."

"Let's go check it out" said Lucien. "Kassie your with me up front, just in case there are any traps.  Kalten and Flavius behind us. Flavius give us some light.  Leod, you have rear guard.  Steady now." 

Slowly and quietly the party descends the stairs....